The competition is open to professional Graphic designers, Art students and Visual artists in general from all over the world above the age of 18.

Each participant is allowed to send a maximum of one poster, which he / she considers to be his best Artwork created between June 2017 — May 2021.

To be accepted, you must send

1. One copy of the poster print-out in any given format ranging from B2 (500×700 mm) to B0 (1000×1400 mm) with a registration label

2. Completed registration form

3. A digital copy of the Artwork on USB flash drive memory stick

4. One publication about Poster Design from artist’s native country

There is no admittance fee for PBQ.

The deadline for the Artwork submission is May 31, 2021. The last accepted deliveries must have a delivery stamp with the above date.

Sending posters by mail
The poster must be marked on its back in the lower right corner with registration label, filled out in block letters in either English or Slovak.

Posters must be sent labelled, unfolded and insured against transport damaged. Please send Poster along with the publication to:

Pod Kalváriou 9
085 01

The organizer does not reimburse expenses in connection
with the clearance of consignments, and does not take responsibility for delayed delivery and damage during transport. Shipments must be marked as “Printed matter of a non-com- mercial value”.

Sending digital files
JPG — 21×30 cm — 300 dpi — RGB.
The required information can be filled in in English or Slovak. Part of the registration form is a consent to the processing of personal data. Digital files need to be sent together with the poster tube and publication.

Publication specification
In order to create an extensive library about poster design, any printed materials about poster creation from the Author’s country will be accepted: author's monographs, books, catalogues, magazines, brochures, etc.

Selection process of the contest
All posters received go through an evaluation and selection process by all ten jury members. The jury's decision is final. All awarded authors will be informed by letter.

Grand Prix — diploma
First place — diploma
Second place — diploma
Third place — diploma
15 × Honourable mention — diploma

The organizer exercises the right to refuse to exhibit a poster that the jury identifies as offensive, or against good manners, or offensive to any race, culture or nation, or those that do not meet the requirements of this statement.

The organizer has the right to exhibit and publish selected Artworks for non-commercial purposes.

By signing the registration form, the author agrees with the regulations of the competition.

All selected and awarded posters will be published in a competition catalogue.

The accepted Artworks will not be returned to competitors, they remain in the Archive Quadrennial in Bardejov archive.

These competition rules apply to the year 2021.

Poster PQB21
Guideline and Entry Form PQB21