Poster Quadrennial Bardejov (PQB) aims to create a unique presentation platform of graphic design
at eastern Slovakia through an international poster competition, which would be held at regular
4 year frequency. The Poster Quadrennial creates conditions for the presentation of works of visual artists,
and also its aim is to raise public awareness about the «poster culture» and graphic design itself.

The exhibition is accompanied by a number of activities supporting creativity & graphic design.
(PechaKucha Night Poster Special, exhibitions: student exhibition (Libresso Lowy Gallery), poster
workshop and more).
Poster exhibition will be held in September 2017.

Main Venue:
Bardejov, Slovakia
September 2017

Organised by
is a civic association, formed by young people, for whom a culture, public life and inspirational space
in town matters. Our mission is to encourage people to be more active, to enhance their personal
development, to offer opportunities to spend free time meaningfully through regular and innovative
events with cultural, educational, inspirational and community character.

Peter Javorík

Project Manager
Marianna Potanovičová

Miroslava Mertová

Technical support
Dominik Fotta
Milan Škorupa
Tomáš Dzuruš